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school Photographer wednesday 6th june

Dear Parents

On the above date (*weather permitting) a photographer will be taking individual pictures of your children and will be available to purchase within a few weeks. There is absolutely no obligation to buy the photographs.

These photos will be only for you and not published anywhere. They will be in black and white. The prints are one large and 2 small prints. In addition you can request the digital download code if you would like to. 

If you would rather there was no photograph taken please let Elly know before Wednesday.

The prices:

Packs of prints: £14.00

Digital files only: £9.00

Both prints and digital downloads: £23.00

We don't photograph the Sunroom children as there isn't time - don't worry your Sunroom children will have their photo taken by the photographer when they are in the over 3s.

Sometimes children are adamant they do not want their photo taken, so we don't force them, if we can only get a photo of them pulling faces, we don't print those.


*The photos are always best done out in the garden as the children are very relaxed outside, so if it is raining hard we will change the date to another in July.